Maritime Robots

690 AUV

The Virginia Tech 690 AUV is designed for bathymetric surveys. It has a side-scan sonar and a high-end navigation system. More information is available here.

Trawl-Resistant Self-Mooring AUV

The Trawl-Resistant Self-Mooring AUV (TRSMAUV) system delivers an oceanographic sensor to the seafloor in a bottom-mount package that is resistant to being fouled by fishing nets. More information is available here.

High Speed AUV

The Virginia Tech High-Speed AUV is 3 inches in diameter and capable of speeds in excess of 15 knots. It was designed to operate heavy -- weight 50% greater than displacement. When not cruising at high speed, it can hover nose-down. More information is available here

Self-Mooring AUV

The Self-Mooring AUV is can moor itself on the ocean floor. More information is available here.

475 AUV

The Virginia Tech 475 AUV is a small 4.75" diameter general-purpose AUV designed to support a wide variety of payloads. With 6 of these AUVs available, they are most often used to support experiments in multi-vehice cooperation. More information is available here.

Virginia Tech Unmanned Surface Vehicle

The Virginia Tech unmanned surface vehicle is a fully autonomous 16' rigid hull inflatable boat. More information is available here.